Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello Mom,

Nothing has really changed here.  Ok "NEWSFLASH", mom set down, and don't start that sniffing, ok? We met with the visa agents yesterday and I got finger printed then we will meet with the Consulate on Thursday.  I will not be sad or anything if I don't leave and I wouldn't mind if I got reassigned so it's whatever, whatever happens happens I'm good, it's the Lord's plan not mine!  But ya, you ok there mom, breathe!

I get to HOST tomorrow which is when we show the new missionaries around and it'll be fun, reflecting back on those BIG first moments I had! I really can't think of anything else to write today it's a busy day for me, what else do you want to know!

Oh I sent Grandma a birthday letter but it got returned?  I had the right address and everything  so tell Grams her letter is back on it's way and to write back when she can. Going to Temple will email later.

Ok, just got back from the Temple it was great as always.  I find real peace there. Even though I am at the MTC, my mind is full most of the time, with all that I am learning and just to have a quiet moment to reflect on my true purpose here, is priceless.  Not only does the spirit even fill my heart more my mind thanks me as well for the break.

Those windstorms in Argentina, crazy thing huh?  See there was a reason for the "hold ups" on visa's don't you agree?  Lots of opportunity for those arriving though,  and in the fall perfect timing, not the heat of the summer another blessing! 

Back to finger printing I think that means that our paper work has not even gone in yet, it will go in after we meet the consulate on Thursday and sign the papers. So then our paper work is in and we just wait.
I have to go to a devotional mom.  Tell Dad, sending my love, there is just so little time in my Pday. I wish it were longer.   laundry, Temple and evening devotionals take up about everything, and my 30 minute email time is shared with everyone looking for a computer so I try to make sure I'm not a computer hog for lack of better words, it wouldn't be fair to others but there are times when it is hard to find an open one.
Need to close for now, keep writting Mom, it means alot at the end of the day, but I'm okay. Give the kids a hug and let Dad know I miss his cooking, I can go through the line by now with my eyes closed and pick out each meal without opening them HA!  Gotta go they are rounding us up!!!

Elder Wade Draper 

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