Saturday, April 21, 2012


Friday Phone Call 12:35 pm...

Hi Mom,

How are you, who's around, am I on speaker? I have 5 mins here we go.   Guess why I'm calling, no not to find out what happened on Celebrity Apprentice!... Laughter....Well your second guess is correct visa did not come through, so we will are getting temp assignment and will know by Monday or Tuesday and I will contact you then as I think we are flying out to that destination as early as Friday, crazy huh?  You know I am good either way I will miss Elder Witherell and my companion, but it's time to begin the next journey, the best 2 for 1 deal of a lifetime.. so let the drums roll right! 

Thanks for all you have done while I have been here at the MTC, just knowing your always there will be a comfort that I 'm sure many an Elder and Sister have carried in their hearts. Again I cannot tell you how greatful I have been for my Branch President - Bowen and his wife, treasures I will carry forever as well, no mom not your replacements, and additional one...Laughter...

Yes to all your questions that's funny you would tape them to the back of your phone to ask them, but that again is so like you because you knew you would be a basket case when you heard my voice...Laughter...

So Lyndsey made cheer great!  Thank Wyatt for the picture of him and his baseball team with  the Argentina Banner everyone here thought it was the bomb!  Grams doing ok?  I worry a little about her now that I am not in the basement at night to listen for her but I know the intercom will let you know if she needs you, good thinking on Dad's part.  Misty sounds like she really has gotten into LaCross with Dominick that is awesome my companion played LaCross, send my love to her and Nate and the kids and to Annie as well.   Sounds like my friends are way busy too, can't believe I just step away and some of them are getting married, those silly girls!!!

You will probably have to just mail that filter bottle I was going to take to Elder ??? there in Argentina cause now I don't know when I will get there for now.  That was nice of you mom to just go and get one for his mom  in Canada who is having a hard time finding one.  I hope I can and will be the kind of example you are always, I try.

I miss you as much as you miss me to, and the family too especially the wrestling with Wyatt we would take out walls  here in our residence if we tried that you can probably tell how tight they are when I sent that video of ??? trying to break dance it was a HOOT don't you think, I will miss him very much he has such a strong testimony and was a rock to me.  If you get the chance or hear from him tell him I am always thinking of him and write when he can.

I love you so much mom and I wish I could give you my big bear hug as well.  I invision you at times, waiting anxiously and then setting a world record sprinting and taking out everything in your path to embrace me when I come home.  Just kidding mom I will be that one, heartbeating like crazy, for the moment to see you and the family with all the hugs, a reunion like no other, the best WELCOME HOME gift ever, in 2 years.  In the meantime mom know that while I am away my arms and Heavenly Fathers are always stretched out wrapping them around you at all times.

Times up, I know mom wish we had more too!!!  I love you mom, hope to talk to you again soon, pray for me as I do you and family .  CLICK... that was it, he came and went so fast but the time I will forever hold dear.

Number One Fan of Elder Wade Draper,

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