Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Hi Mom, Dad you there? 

Well Ya I didn't see you at Conference, my bad.  How could I miss you,  8 rows back from the Prophet, no way, but I know you will send me "pics of the tx" mom, that's so you! LOL  I was way tired but it was a pretty cool experience being there! 

Yes Hermana Leavitt is going to my mission she is in my district! And Hermana Brunsdale left for Texas like 3 weeks ago!

Elder Witherell had to have surgery on a torn miniscus yesterday so Elder Boyer and I got to leave and go pick up his prescription! So that was exciting! But he has a 6 week recovery so we are praying our visas get delayed cause we all wanna go to Argentina together!

When is grandmas birthday? I forget I will write her and check back later tonight so email me it by tonight. But ya things are going well here!

Hey Lynds whats up? COOL congrats on making SSA! In regards to your email, ya you better play volleyball haha! There is a sister here at the MTC that looks just like you, I got a picture of her, I am gonna send it to mom later so ya you will have to see it! It is pretty funny! I hope you are having a good week, and I hope school is going good! Tell Abbey I say hi! How was Young Womans Conference?   Hope to hear back from ya soon!  Love ya, miss ya!  Gotta make this one short, I am running low on my email time!

Wyatt you better hop on a letter I need someone to take ahold of that WWE hold LOL, can't imagine how strong you will be when I get home!  All that LPYF and Utah Elite Baseball should keep you in shape till I get back!  

I cannot wait to eat at the airport though the food is just soo repative!

Can you send a ton of snickers for Elder Witherell, its his fav candy and I can buy a card here they have them at the store.  Don't send pics back I have copies already of every pic I send!  Is the Easter Bunny coming this way? Hint Hint...stickers are a big thing here! Disney ones or something!

I love you all and will write latter this week. Shout out to Sis-Misty love ya!

Elder Draper

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