Friday, April 27, 2012


PHONE CALL 4/25/12 10:00 am

Hey Mom,

Just calling to let you know I'm leaving for Alabama Birmingham Mission tomorrow! Really mom, I'm not kidding. We will get up at 4am and leave here by 5:00, be at Salt Lake International by 6:00. I will fly Delta 2218 leaving at 7:10 into Atlanta Georgia then on to Alabama. 

HELLLOOOO mom, ok mom, I know your there cause I can feel you crying it's ok take a deep breath and wipe those tears, did you put the kleenex by the phone like I told you earlier last week?   I'm here son, right here, always will be. Sniff sniff, ok, who's going with you? Well Hermanar Fernly and Elder Crowther (Wade Daniel) isn't that a hoow since dads name is Daniel Wade amd I was named after dad, anyways he is, from another District.   Elder Nielson's is going to Ogden Utah and the other three Hermana's to Spokane Washington.   Elder Witherell is still recovering, nicely though!

I'm excited mom, I know you are excited for me too, I think this is the first time I have ever heard you speechless! HaHa. Wade honey, sniff sniff, you will be awesome wherever you go as long as your walking in the footsteps of the Lord and yes I am over the top excited for you. Will you call me tomorrow before you leave?  I don't know how it works mom, they haven't said but I bought a calling card like you said just in case. I have a 55 minute layover in Atlanta so I've heard we can call on layovers.   Mom, I gotta go times up, I know you will be tracking the flight online while were in flight. I remember we used to do that when we first moved to Utah and Grams would fly out from Kansas and I was always excited to be able to sit at "THE NO ZONE" Dads computer, and mess with the keyboard!

K mom really gotta go. I love you much! CLICK... Again my cheek remained pressed to the phone for several seconds realizing he was off on the next journey of his mission and I was assured again, "All Is Well" and  I too must move forward and keep pressing on.

Sweet Hour Of Prayer,

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