Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alas News...

Hey Mom and Dad.Glad you got my letter! Well so far I really like it here at the MTC! My companion is great! His name is Elder Boyer from Sandy! My zone has made me feel really welcomed! They are indeed a funny bunch of kids, kinda remind me of like The Sandlot gang or the Stand By Me Boys or The Goonies ha just cause we are all so different but we all get along!
My Prep Day is Tuesday... so today! Hope all is well back home! I miss you guys and I miss my baby Binxy! haha Tell Wyatt Happy Birthday for me! I hope he is having a good day! So I will probably email you around this time because it is my laundry time and there are computers in the laundry room! It is snowing right now and I absolutely hate it haha but oh well! I saw Sister Hodges the other day! It was good to see a familiar face from the neighborhood! I have seen allot of my friends here and we are getting a big LPHS picture by the map so I am excited about that! Well my laundry is almost done. Hope all is well miss you and love you! I love you!
Love, Elder Draper

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  1. Sounds like things are good!! Hope his laundry survives him doing it :-) Hopefully, you will get to hear from him weekly during his P-time!! Love y'all & Miss y'all :-) "Annie"