Monday, June 17, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,
Hope everyone had a splendid week, cause I sure as heck did, the bestest of weeks I might say a huge difference then last week, I keep telling everyone on those bad weeks ya' got no where to go but up and yep I was right! 

First off we prepared all week for our amazing baptism of Cathy!

In addition  we had our Gira Misional! (Mission Tour) which was super exciting! We got to hear from Elder Viñas of the Seventy! It was like a really cool meeting that we had, because it was like an informal meeting relaxed, and it was an open discussion! We got to learn allot of things that are going to happen in the Mission, stuff that is about to occur but, you will have to read the details as they unfold, super awesome experience, we even got to shake his hand!  He also recapped the historical events that have occurred since we have embarked upon our Mission, like in the last 10 months, such as we have experienced  hearing from 4 apostles... as well as 2 from the 70's , been here during the change of the ages for Missionaries, and participated in the temple re-dedication  September 9,2012 with Henery B. Eyring, First Counselor in the church's First Presidency.  And as if that is not enough blessings our current Prophet Thomas S. Monson  presided over the original temple dedication on January 17, 1986.  I now know the original Buenos Aires Argentina Temple has a total of 17,683 square feet, four ordinance rooms, and three sealing rooms, because I've been on those HOLY GROUNDS, how's that for a mouth full!  WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE A MISSIONARY IN THE BEST MISSION ON THE PLANET VIVA BAW ARG!!! 
Ok so Elder Wells and I had a decently good week! We did some service for an Hermana in the Ward  cleaning her water tank above her house, which was quite an experience! We had to drain all the water out of it then clean the mud build up, some serious sludge, and then fill it back up with water. She is like most of the Hermana's is like the funniest!  She has a calling in the Primary, and  so I gave her all those little toys that I got in my package, and she said I was a life saver for the Primary... PRIMARY POINTS!!! WOOT WOO! haha
So with all the visa problems resolved we got 2 new Missionaries on Friday, and our apartment is like where all the new Missionaries stay as well as those coming in from far away like the Compo, a little tight these days but loads of laughter and fun!  We had to do like a crazy four way division/spilt on Friday with 2 Missionaries from campo (far away) and the 2 new Missionaries! 
So that took place right in the amidst of planning for our baptism and all that good stuff! But with the push from above the baptism went absolutely wonderful! Cathy wanted Elder Wells to baptize her and I had done the last one so all was good! It was just spiritually charged ,awesome because a ton of her family who are inactive members came to it, and the next day THEY ALL came to Church for the Confirmation! So really this baptism was just a huge opportunity to reactivate a bunch of them, which is a goal that we have here in our ward.  It was super awesome really, and the manna from heaven  oh my what a joy!!!!  Now we are just working on getting some more people progressing! We have a ton of potential for July!
Transfers are this week so we will see what happens!!!! and...AAAHHHHH... we have a ton of new Missionaries coming in like the rain it is pouring Missionaries here AMEN!!!!!
Hope everyone has an awesome week and I truly love and miss ya´ll, get Grandma crackin' on that letter I look so forward to her enthusiasm and since of humor she is firecracker!  
Love, The Amazing (Or So I Like To Think) LOL
Elder Wade Draper

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