Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hello Utah,

Not alot of fire here this week, bummed kinda a bland week guess we need to "Dig A Little Deeper" so get the shovel out RIGHT?  I did find out that it looks like we are getting a least 30 of the 80 Missionaries that the buzz is all about, maybe more but 30 I know of for sure!  I can just feel that excitement for them remembering that ever waiting day when we arrived!!!

A SHOUT OUT TO MY BUD JACOB HANNEMANN, drafted to the Chicago Cubs in the 3rd round MLB draft... look out Chicago. one of us, the "Men In Black" just a few months back, is headed your way bringing the "Spirit" on a whole new level!!!!  Your the best man take it to the limits!!!!

We just found out that it looks like we will be heading home  March 1st, 2104 so those of us from Highland will land at the SLC airport on that day.  We will tour the last week of our Mission with the President and his wife and then our visa's will expire as we depart the country so looks like we will have to return in the near future to enjoy visiting with those I  leave behind.

I am so looking forward to the Spring/Summer semester with Elder Nielson at BYU, he has just been the "ROCK" since we joined up at the MTC and he has served the people here of  Argentina well!  I am so grateful for his testimony.

Hope Sis, Lyndsey enjoyed EFU in Provo, you know I want to be a counselor when I get back,  EFY is just a great summer kickoff packed with spiritual experiences and meeting friends from all over the world and states.  I bet it was nuts down there with all the construction and the SEA of new Missionaries around the MTC, what a sight, I can only imagine!

Dad-A Special Happy Fathers Day To You and as always the cards in the mail probably come about Christmas and your Bday card at Halloween, the snail mail gotta love it!

Like I said kinda, a  quite week so this email is a little short,  sorry all we but things will surely pick up this week I pray and transfers are right behind this Pday so fingers crossed again, I really like it here, nice place to be for the winter but I know I wll serve wherever he calls me and serve well!!!  

Until next Pday everyone go out there and grab some sun and lets here it for "Sliding Rock" my old friends!!

Elder Wade Draper  


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