Monday, December 03, 2012

SHE WENT IN FOR THE...12/3/2012


Spicy Spanish tortilla with potatoes, onions, and jalapenos.


Greetings Family and Children,

First of all this freaking keyboard is driving me nuts, there is no space bar, can you imagine that so Mom this will be one long Guinness word and you will have to decode it for the blog!!  Before I forget Mom text Addie Bentley and Hayley Huntsman to see if they got my letters Addie says her replies keep getting returned make sure has the right address, thanks!
Well I am absolutely exhausted about now!!! This past week I worked my rear off! I don’t think I have ever been this tired during my entire mission.  The weather here is really heating up but I guess that means I am going to get a heck of a tan!    

We found alot of new people to teach and we have some baptismal dates for the end of the month! I’m really hoping to see some Mission Miracles this Christmas season!
The members have been really wonderful to us as well! They help us out alot with many things!! Romina especially, even though she isn’t technically a member yet!  We went to her house last Thursday and she and her crazy Tia (aunt in Spanish) Blanca taught me how to make empanadas! So that will be my treat to bring to the parties when I get back friends!  This week I am going to learn how to make a tortilla de papas (potatoes)!

Gotta pause here…”Tainted Love” just came on in the cyber café, always good to have a little good American jam overhead right?

Some night say I broke a Mission rule this week! Ahhh, well not really because it wasn’t my fault. We were walking down our Main street doing contacts and this beautiful tall blonde immodestly dressed girl down the street was handing out cards to a club. We hand out cards as well as we trekk about the church website, sin and repentance, and The Plan of Salvation and cards so I thought it would be funny and interesting to ask her if we could trade cards to see what she might say.  She said sure and asked where the Church was and then asked my name, so I told her and she gave me hers and I went in for the handshake and to my total surprise she went if for the Argentine greeting KISS ON THE CHEEK.  I do have to admit, I loved it! HAHA But I thought would be a funny little story to pass on this week.
As for package Mom, nope I didn’t get any this week and I was in the office so made sometime before Christmas, I hope they will show up. We all appreciate everything you have done, THANKS SO MUCH it made our holidays seem a lot closer to home!  

Well I am looking forward to another wonderful week here in my little Altos de Merlo.  Hermana Cahoon slipped the secret to Hermana Carter that I sing pretty good so guess what… I am singing in a little choir for our Mission Christmas party.  I will be singing “Where Are You Christmas” to end the program, I know you think I am kidding but I’m really not.  HAHA  Most, if not all of the other songs in the program, are more traditional Church songs but I will close with that song so I will do Faith Hill proud! HAHA Yep singing is so my high school mother, glad your excited for me!
No super plans for today but I gotta run but I love you Mom.  Well l hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful week this week.  I miss ya’ll so much and hope everyone is doing well!  Love ya Grams,  Dad and kids, friends keep it real this week!! BYE!

Elder Draper

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