Monday, December 10, 2012


"Pólvora" at Midnight
Buenos Aires

"La Parrillada"
Grilled Meat

"Pan Dulce"
Sweet Bread With Crystalized Fruit and Nuts 

"Quemando Globos."
Paper decorations you light inside and they take off into the sky. Argentinians do it at night, and you can see the skies lit with them.

Hello Family, Stars and Studs,

How's it hang'n?  We had a decent week, another pretty busy one for Elder Draper though!  A couple of ou fecha's fell through for the 29th so we have been working on getting them back on track while continuing with our track, trekking!  HAHA  But do you do right?

Our little Nicole is progressing nicely towards her baptism date!  She is pretty funny, I told her if she would read I would bring her some American candy so she is reading like crazy.  I took her a fruit roll-up and a peppermint ball and she loved the roll up but said the peppermint gave her a stomache sick, OH NO!!   

I got some very exciting news this morning!  On Christmas Eve we get to go into Buenos Aires and do a session at the Temple.  I am so excited!!!!  The Temple is usually closed on Monday's here however the Temple Mission President and his wife are taking time out of there Eve so that everyone in the Mission can have a Temple session.

The wonderful holiday of Christmas is setteling into Argentina, unfortunately in my area there are alot of GRINCHES!! They think that Christmas is about the stores making money off people spending money and since many a folk here don't have alot they fell it is a little unfair. Unfair that they don't get or recieve presents that is. I have tried to explain to some of those folks that it isn't about presents but PRESENCE... of family and friends celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I really got it this Christmas, I must admitt, I am a little homesick these past few days! I am just praying I don't have to go "Cindy Lou Hoo" on a few of them that just refuse to be Christmasy! What did you get the kids for Xmas?

Ummm.. I don't know if I can get a video of the program for you Romina will not be there as it is only for the Missionaries but I will see what we can do ok! I will be skyping about 2:00 there, I have heard the internet gets jammed and I don't want Mom having a coronary on Christmas no doubt, so Dad I need the skype uer name and password we used at Mothers's Day.

Haven't been in to the office in a couple weeks so nope no more packages yet, but don't worry I am sure they will arrive in time.  Belynn needs your help Mom sending a package the last one she sent didn't make it here will you help her please and thanks! I did however recieve an envelope like thing full of letters from Bishop Carter filled with letters from the Highland 38th  Ward Youth.  Brock Lamb's letter was especailly nice and so I wrote him back let him know it is on it's way!  Sent Grams a letter too!   

No I have not sent the camera card yet waiting till holidays have passed don't want it lost in the mail for any reason although here they don't have to have any reason to loose things! HAHA

Another blessing gas restored to our apartment, yed I forgot to mention it (maybe in tentionaly) but we bow have gas after 2 weeks of no cooking and hot water, so thankful!

I am really starting to immerse myself in the cooking culture of the Argentines.  I have had a few lessons in member's homes here and I finally made the Tortilla de papas I mentioned last week perfectly!  Turned out to be a dang good tuco!

One culture I still am finging different is the infamous breast feeding mothers, I mean EVERY mother here with a baby breast feeds.  On the bus, in the streets, while we're teaching etc. and if that's not an awkward feeling when they just blop out the boob like non other and just continue. whata do?

Well I hear it is snowing in Utah, I will miss this white Christmas things are really heating up here, getting hot!  

Well I hope everyone has another wonderful week ahead of them!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM, but times up and I still have to write the Mission President.  Have a great week I am just hanging out here no special plans today. Same time next week kids!

Elder Draper  

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