Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Hello Family and Friends!
Today I am 20 years old!!! How crazy is that!!! It is so hard to believe that 20 years ago I chose to hop on the “Earth Train". Time flies when you are having fun right?

I absolutely loved, loved, loved, the video that was sent to me!  Seeing everyone like made me tear up, and every time someone new popped up I would holler out their name, and everyone in the cyber cafe looked at me like I was a crazy. HAHA   I was grateful for the permission to get to see it! Really that video made my birthday so great!  Best present a Missionary could ask for!!  

Dad, you’re looking a little thinner, you look good but I bet I still am skinnier!! HA   Grams my “Batman” thing was our secret, now everyone knows who the real “DUDE” is!!   Wyatt and Lyndsey, did Wyatt “rip one” or what cause you to were hysterical, that laughing cracked me up too!  Mom you look good, it was so good to hear your voice, miss you!!   
Well I hope everyone enjoyed conference! Conference and my Birthday it doesn't get better then that right! I absolutely loved Conference! I remember when General Conference used to be "boring" and I´d either fall asleep or not really pay attention, but not the case now, being on this mission has really changed me ”For Good”  for sure!  All the sessions were so great this year!  I really loved Sister Ann M. Dibbs,  #twitter shout out.   Well there was one quote that really stood out to me this past conference!  It was by President Uchtdorf, indicating his wife Harriat said this, "Dieter, It´s not a race, it´s a journey, enjoy the moment".   As most of us know, I am not the most patient person in the world, and I absolutely loved her statement and the analogy  President Uchtdor presented about life. “Take a step back, look at the bigger picture and enjoy it”!

And how crazy is it that they lowered the missionary age!!  So crazy, but so exciting at the same time!!  There are going to be so many Sister Missionaries leaving sooner than planned!  Right when they announced it I thought "Addy Bentley is freaking out!" So congrats to her, she stated on the video she would be submitting her papers by the end of the week, “You go girl”! Mom can you text her and get her address she wanted me to write and I lost it along the way, ahh I just loved the video so much mom I can’t thank you enough. Be sure to burn it on DVD ok!!
Brelynn wrote and she has been really busy with school so that is why she didn’t send anything, she also is working at Subway, HAHA guess I trained her well!!  She did write a poem that she sent in the mail so that will be great, she writes pretty good stuff!  

Well I would also like to publically wish the BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD, the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! Yep, one day after mine I couldn’t have timed it better!! HA It’s a holiday here and everything is closed so I will probably just hang out at our pension and then head over to see Little Mia and her parents, but I should get my Birthday package on Wednesday, I am excited for that, so thanks family. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope everyone had an amazing conference weekend! I love you all and again I absolutely adored the video, thanks everyone!! I got run for now I miss you!!
Love you all!
Elder Draper

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