Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,
Where do I begin this week? Well after I wrote last week I went to the supermarket which is called a "carrefour", thinkging they would have all the things I needed..I ended up buying some cracker and a bag of spaghetti, they had nothing at all! LOL On top of that I had to wait in line for like 25 minutes just to check out! Where's Walmart? They have them here just not in y area, so ya. I did endup buying this delicious meat called Milanesa at a Carnecia. It is so easy to cook. You fry it for like 5 minutes and it's done and it just the best ever, it is so very good!!Everyone here eats it. We have it for lunch alot!

Speaking of the food the other day we were at a Members house and they were eating some round little thing that looked like a Chicken ring from Artic Circle! YAAA but then they asked me if I knew what it was. I replied no, so with a grin they told me to eat it and I did and it wasn’t actually bad, but the texture got me, it was super chewy. They then explained it was Chinchuli (fried Cow Intestine). I´ve yet to have to try the dreaded blood sausage! I don´t know what I will do when I have to eat that!

Well this past week was a little difficult for me. Elder Delgado and I were very ill, he had a bad cough, and I had sore throat, runny nose, headaches, etc. So we were just kind of miserable while we were working! But we still had a really good week! We taught allot of lessons, and got our numbers for the week. Things are really different here from Alabama, I have a lot of adjusting to do. I wrote President today about a couple concerns as he asks us to be very honest in our weekly emails to him, so we will see how that goes. You know I have always been one to speak my mind, or stand up for what’s right, so I hope that is the way it will be taken.

We had our first baptism on Saturday, little Eliana was baptized and it was great. I gave a talk on the Espiritu Santo aka the Holy Ghost. It was a really great service. Her uncle baptized her, and she was just sooo happy! I would love to send a picture, but the computers we use do not have a place where I can plug my camera in, kind of frustrating but what can ya do.

Something I have noticed here is, well at least in my area, people do not know how to dress. They mix like indie with punk and it just does not work for me. They love facial piercings here especially in the eyebrow and the “Monroe”, heaven only know’s what goes through their minds when they get those.

Well here is a funny story for yall. Elder Delgado and I were walking down the street the other day and this guy walks up to us and shakes our hand and says “Hi” what time is it” and starts talking. I told him the time and then further in the conversation he asked Elder Delgado, “What time it was on our phone”?,so Elder Delgado took out the phone. They began talking really fast in Spanish and I had no idea what was being said. As we walked away and he was yelling at us I asked Elder Delgado,“What did he want”? He looked at me in disbelief and said, “He wanted to rob of us of our phone”! I guess the guy said, “Give me the phone” after Elder Delgado took it out and Elder Delgado said “No”, the guy said, “ I have a pistol and I will shoot you both”, and so Elder Delgado told him “Take the phone” but then when he gave it to him the guy said “I don’t want this it’s a pretty crappy phone” and started cursing at us! I thought that was pretty funny since I had no clue what had just went on!

But yes, that was basically my week! My time is up so I will talk to you next week. I hope ya’ll are doing well. I miss and love ya’ll so much! Tell Grandma  I am writting her back and will send her a letter this week.

Ya’ll are in my prayers!


Elder Draper


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