Monday, September 10, 2012


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Well Hey All!!!

So I am sorry I won’t be able to send pictures, until I figure out how! The computers here are terrible, we have to come to a Cyber and pay to use them, and they are just awful!!!
This past weekend was the rededication of the Buenos Aires Temple!!!! President Eyring, Elder Christofferson, and Elder Ballard had a special meeting with us Friday Night and they shared amazing Words of Wisdom with us!
On Saturday we hopped on the train to the office, and got on a bus and headed to a soccer stadium to participate in the Cultural Festival! That was absolutely amazing!!! They had a bunch of youth in the Church from all over Buenos Aires do the different cultural dances, they didn’t do the tango though... probably too sexy for an LDS event right? But then all the missionaries from all 3 Buenos Aires missions marched on to the field singing “Called to Serve”! It was absolutely amazing, and I got some camera time, so look for me on the video when they make it!
This past week has been better!  I am starting to be able to speak simply, but I am also learning that allot of the ways I thought were right to say things, are actually very wrong! But it is a learning experience right?
One thing I realized they eat allot of here.... eggs, and mayo... kill me now, my least favorite things in the world! BLEHH!  I do love this thing called Milanesa though, it is kind of like Schnitzel and they put it between rolls and it’s like a little sandwich!
There are soooo many dogs flooding the streets, Florence said the “Dog Days” were over, well I think they just started for me!  But I do love the perros, they flock to me and want love, that’s all they want, is to be loved.  Being without a dog since the 9th grade I feel like I have an obligation to give them some love. I have a big Rottweiler who lives outside  my apartment and I named her Marie Antoinette she is my favorite perro.

Again my Companion is Elder Delgado from TIJUANA and he looks like a Mexican Baryden Draper!! HAHA
Elder Delgado and I have a baptism coming up this Saturday, with a little girl named Eliana!  Her family is a less active family and she wants to be baptized! She is soo cute, and she just speaks the most adorable Spanish! An  LDS  member’s family has been helping me out with my Spanish lately too! We go to their house allot, they feed us a ton too! The moms name is Romina, she is not a member, but basically comes to Church every week and knows so much. She can’t be baptized yet because her  husband isn’t divorced from his other wife yet and they live together, he is a member and he is great! I guess it is really hard to get a divorce here! But I love their family so much!
Her are the Top 10 answers to your Top 10 question mom!
1) Yes, I got my packages!!! I loved them thank you! They have been here for awhile looks  like you sent them in April!
2) I didn’t get any sheets, I usually just sleep in that blue thing when it gets hot.
3) No bugs or mice yet, lots of mosquitos, the dogs here love me!!!! They flock to me and I pet the ones that look like they don’t have disease! HA
4) I live with 2 other North Americans Elder Young from Sandy and Elder Wilson from Saint George, Elder Delgado has been a member for quite sometime
5) I really like everyone, the only thing I don’t like is Elder Delgado walks soooo fast and it is  
     hard to keep up with him!

6) I don’t eat breakfast and eat a huge lunch, and don’t eat dinner.... which is going to change. I didn’t buy groceries last week but I am today, we buy them at a little super market.

7) Yes Elder Palmer got his insoles!

8) Yep, hot water, and twin beds.

9) Yep, we hand wash our clothes.

10) I have a card here in Argentina but we draw the money out cause where I live they don’t have  credit card machines
Yes Misty, I will be 20 in a month from, October 8th, yesterday, crazy huh?  My apartment is decent, they say it is one of the better ones in the Mission, so Lord help me! HAHA As I said before the language is hard to learn right now, but the food is pretty good!  I love and miss you too!  Hope Nate and the kids are doing well!  Love you!!!
Also Mom, Riley and Chelsea have a really good idea.  They are gonna put on facebook and twitter a request to send me birthday letters to our house and then you can send them all in a box to me! Will you work with them on that?
Well we shall see what the week ahead of me brings, I hope I don’t die from Mayo poisoning....
Elder Draper


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