Friday, May 04, 2012


Just a short note between Pdays and those precious emails from Elder Draper, to let everyone know that my testimony of Missionary Service grows stronger every passing week.  Since Wade has began this journey, I can see God's hand at the wheel in both his life and ours.  The blessing we receive each week are countless and I can clearer see those I have taken for granite for far to many years. 

Just today, as we visited a new heart physician for my mother, we left with a deeper appreciation for our new physician then we had anticipated.  

A picture of huge redbud trees, forming an arch at the top, linning an infinity pathway, with a single young man walking through them, hung in the hallway.  It's intense  beauty  invited the conversation between the pysician and myself.  "No that is not my son, but a favorite park of mine in Argentina where I served as a Mission President in the "South Mission" he replied.  He proceeded to take us down another hall to show us yet another photo of some brightly colored buildings in Boca.  He stated that while serving in that Mission for 3 years, he grew very appreciative of President Carter and his family and thier wonderful work.  He  is anxoius to return to the people of Argentina for a reunion in the near future.

Now some may say "foolish thoughts" but the timming of having Mom transition from one physician to another after 4 years treatment, 2 pacemakers and heart stents later, is not a coincidence by far, but a "HEART FELT" blessing.

Thank You Heavenly Father for the blessing and reminding me, you are right there not only guiding my Elder but all those dear to him. May each of you reading look for those blessing as well.  They are right there if you take but one moment to reconize them.

Good night,
Sister Diana Draper

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