Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey Mom and All!

Pday is Monday so  we go to the library to email and here Iam.  Well first 4 days here in Alabama have been really interesting! It has had it's ups and downs...literally on bike! My area is Tuscaloosa/Northport about the size of the Orem/Provo area and attaches to each other as well, however I will rotate to Demopolis as well about 45 minutes from here. 

The apartment is decent, kinda sketchy, but I have really only spent like a day and a half here we spent the weekend in Demoplois, which is a very small little town, biked... yes biked around there and talked to less active members there.  We have laundry in our apartment but I have not had a chance to do it.  The safety and sceneary depends on the area where you are. I have only been on Campus and the ghetto projects so vision that mom!  It is very very hot here (ha hot) but I love it! 

Demoopolis - We found a woman named Shirley she is a kick in the pants! She said she would like for us to teach her some more, so I am excited to go back this weekend and teach her! Maybe she’s kin to Grandma’s “Har??”,  The people here are really really nice! Disappointed I have not taught any Spanish speakers... I am like in an English Speaking area, but whatever.

Well I didn't know I needed sheets here because in Argentina I don't and I was told at the MTC that they give me sheets here.  My bag was over anyway, so thats why I sent that home.. um, my bad, because  I have been sleeping on a mattress with nothing for 2 nights, won’t mention how I’m drying off after showers.  We are supposed to go shopping today because we literally have no food in the apartment! I don't know if that is going to happen because the Missionaries don't get their money till Wednesday and they don't know if they have our money yet, glad you sent me with a debit card mom you always think ahead! There seems like allot of stores around, I guess we shop at Wal-Mart?

I have no idea how mail works... or anything for that matter, but for now letters can be addressed to my apartment but any packages should probably go to the Mission Home address, please post that as well mom on the blog. I'm not sure if they hold packages here in the office or if there is an office or how safe a package is to set around here in or out of an office.  As you can tell I pretty much don't know anything yet feeling pretty much like a fish outta water for now. 

I am not gonna lie, my companion is really nice..but he hauls and  he literally just leaves me in the dust on his bike. I mean I wasn't expecting to ride a bike, especially one that doesn’t seem to be the right size, on open streets with lots of cars and crazy traffic.  I have never done this before so I admit I am a little slower and sometimes he literally just leaves me where I can't see him, he eventually waits for me 20 mins up the road, but ya another day and story. We have a car, only use it when we drive far or we all need to go together, I can't drive it yet, but I probably will be in the next few weeks

I am not very far, 2 blocks from Alabama University! We visited a recent convert yesterday at the University and it was fun riding my bike around campus hardly any traffic.

We have a cell phone but you know the rules right mom, right! LOL  We use it for appointments etc and they text weather alerts.  There was a huge tornado here in 2011, killed several and I believe it came sneaking in the middle of the night. The phone would be a great GPS device for me since I'm clueless, but if my companion doesn’t slow down I think I will let a little air out of his tires at a time until  I have his double stroke timed with my glide, that should slow him down a bit! LOL 
I came here with an Elder Wade Crowther from the MTC and he is in my apartment as well, and lucky for us, he is Spanish speaking as well and is waiting for his transfer to Argentina!  He is an awesome kid!  Going to the same mish!  I don't know who Jace Palmer is but I think he is in my district here, I will look for him.

I don't know how much time I have left because I had to email the President a long letter! Oh I get to SKYPE you on Mother’s day around 4-4:30ish. 

My companion doesn't talk much to me, so it's a really awkward feeling since I love to do just that, TALK!I don't really know what Iam doing, just figuring it out day by day.  I just hope my companion will soon realize how lucky he is to have me around, you know I can bring the LIFE to the PARTY anywhere (Life is a Party, Celebrate It Well).   I like to think that my Mission is a celebration of SERVICE, so no offense to anyone reading,  those who know me will get my drift and undertand where I'm coming from, besides,  I'm about as social as it gets, right mom! (HA)   I’m sure I will survive, mom you know I will, I just need to breathe….or whatever.  The Lord will guide me, that much I can count on, not sure about bikes in heaven though,  he seems to be letting me take that ride on my own.  I know he's right there with me but just not sure he's wants to be a passenger! HA.

Overall it’s been ok I guess, still getting use to it but, I will endure and endure well!!!  Promise!!!

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