Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Short But Sweet....

I don't have allot of time to email but I will write a long letter tonight and send it tomorrow.Are you surviving without me!? haha Hope all is well still getting by here at the MTC I basically had chicken pox that are not contagious for a couple days but they are going away and  the rash is basically gone now.! Perhaps it was the dounle immunization that was given incorrectly they looked horrible for a few days and were very uncomfotable although the diagnosis was pityrasis roseas and duration was 4-12 weeks I am almosr healed.  Another miracle. 

 Did you know they serve a pretty decent steak here at the MTC! no lie!  The food is good and plentiful for sure.
I mailed some pics today I don't have time to do a long email right now but later today I will!  I will write ya later this evening. Oh and I have a ton of different stamps so I'm not like writing allot of people I just use whatever stamp I have around me kk
Hope all is well love and miss ya!

Elder Draper


  1. Elder Draper: This is from your uncle Rob. Sorry I wasn't able to come to your "farewell" but I didn't want to infect you with strep before you left. Our family wishes you well on your mission. We have great faith in you and support you in every way. You have a great family and we know they will help and support you as you need it. You don't really need advice from me. I'm sure you have the Holy Ghost to provide. I would just say listen and act upon those promptings without questioning or doubting. Again, we wish you the best and will follow your mission with great interest. Know that we love you as a family.

  2. Immunization shots...yuck!! Chicken Pox...oh no!! Poor baby!! Well at least he is getting to enjoy a steak here and there...!! (ha ha) Please let him know that his "Annie" would love a "short" letter sometime...& that We love him & Miss him too!!