Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Few The Proud The "District Leader"

Hey Mom!

So did you get the pictures I sent you???

On Sunday I was called to be District Leader.  The picture in front of the Temple, dated 3/18/12 is my District.  The names are as follows: Top Row Right to Left:  Hermana Ferrley, Hermana Andreason, Hermana Cahoon and Hermana Leavitt.  Bottom Row same sequence:  Elder Boyer, Me, Elder Neilson, and Elder Witheren.  I am sending a few more this week one with the entire Zone and another with a Hermana I had as a counselor at EFY awhile back, cool huh?  There is also a silly one of me and my  roomates or as they preferred to be called my "Sandlot Brothers".  We have a great time and draw from each others strenghts.  

This week has been pretty good! We are no longer the new district here we actually are going to be the oldest in a few days! I also got picked to sing in General Conference but.... Elder ? didn't get chosen and he really wanted to, soo I don't think I am going to do it, cause I would feel really bad!

It's crazy that I've been here for 4 weeks tommorow! They always say that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! It is sooo true! The days are long in reality but it makes falling alseep pretty easy and I bet you don't miss turning off that TV either right?  Ha

I hope Wyatt and Lyndsey are doing ok! I got a letter from Grandma yesterday! It was nice to hear from her! Tell Lyn's, Misty, Grams, etc I will write as I have time.  Also thanks to all who have been sending packages or treats, it means alot to find a little something at the end of the day.  Mom, thanks for looking out for my roomies as well, they look forward to my packages about as much as I do!

I also took a pic with those ugly wigs haha but ya when it is printed out I will send it to ya, what a hoot! Only you mom, can come up with something that crazy but it was alot of laughs!

Sorry my emails are not very long there is always like a line and people get impatient but ya! I miss you lots and hope all is well, love you all lots.

Elder Draper

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