Monday, February 10, 2014

I KNOW...2/10/2014

Hello Everybody, 

Still here and kicking it hard in the HEAT, and I do mean heat mixed with HUMIDITY as it has been raining and then the sun comes out and it's like a sauna. 

January ended with no baptisms, I just didn't feel like anyone was ready although my numbers were going to be short, I just didn't feel right about meeting them without strong converts however February looks to be promising beginning with a 9 year old little girl "Malena". Her father is a member and her mother comes to church with a strong testimony but again they are faced with legal and financial issues with getting a divorce with previous marriage. She decided she did not want to wait and her parents supported her decision with lots of love so that will take place on February 15th, just one day after Valentines Day, how special right, she picked that day as close as she could to the holiday!

We continue to work with Ismael and Daniela, both doing pretty good she loves the church, Ismael just needs to get his priorities in check. He says I am his brother "Gabriel's" twin as  we were both born on the same day and year 10/8/1992. We had a great lesson this week with them they are pretty cool! There is also one other baptism that is going to be scheduled just before I leave Lome Grande A Marcos Paz.

I hope the family is doing well, I gotta admit I am just now kinda getting anxious to see you all, up to now it has been just been a thought here and there but now here it is REAL LIVE! This will most likely be the last letter home as I know that they are taking forever to get home to you. I also haven't been able to get pictures to you but know that I have alot since the last ones you posted.

There are no words that can describe the experiences I have had here in Argentina while on my Mission. When I arrived here I did not know that I would feel the way I do now...I left my home 2 years ago and now I am leaving a part of my home once again. The people of Argentina have imprinted my heart forever as I have been told I have done the same here by many families, friends and converts.   I thank my Heavenly for his guidance and patience as  I have to served the people here in Argentina.  I extend a heart filled thank you to my earthly parents, family and friends for their continued support during my Mission. I have a steadfast testimony, my own, that Heavenly Father lives and answers prayer. I know that he is constant mindful especially during trials and is only a knee away. I know Jesus Christ is the son of God and that his ultimate sacrifice was a priceless gift of love. I know there is peace and refuge from the world in the Temple. I have tried to stand as a witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places here in Argentina and will continue to do this as I return home, I have worked hard to please the Lord and leave Argentina with  no regrets. Again I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have served in the Buenos Aires Mission and know my work does not end here but will continue through life. 


Elder Wade Draper

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