Friday, January 03, 2014


Hey everyone looking good there on the net!  Mom how was your Christmas morning, I know how much you love it and the tree was beautiful this year as always, surprised to see it was still in blue and white as promised till I got home.  Hi Dad what in the world the white beard and hat singing Feliz Navida ok then, did you hear anything from BYU yet what about my car LOL!
Wyatt, man are you getting tall, next to Lyns you are catching up to her fast!  Lyns Caleb still hanging out there, a lot?  How’s Mom and Dad dealing with that? LOL

Hey Misty can’t wait to catch up when I get back and keep that Jet Blue employment rolling so maybe we can roll a little on school breaks would love to go back to Alabama with Elder Crowthier and Southern fried chicken!  Gage you have gotten BIG and Slade aren’t you going to say anything, come on now! 

Grams and Grandma how are ya!  Thanks for being so supportive and Grams you owe me a letter where is it get hopping on that ok!

SOOO... Mom pull up a chair I have a New Years Resolution I have been pondering over and I have decided it really is something I want to do.  SO as my Mission is winding down I have been thinking about all that has transpired here.  Looking through my journal I have noted that on several occasions I have wanted to share things/experiences with you and tried to hold onto those thoughts until Pday, Mondays and then in the haste forgotten to share them with you on that day.  I really enjoyed the letters we shared in the beginning like the MTC days and on into Alabama as we both new they would arrive timely unlike here so we, you and I have resorted to the net which is a great tool but not as personal.  Ok so what I am telling you is that I want to finish my Mission here STRONG and focus 100% on each and every day, as I will never again have this experience as a Missionary at this stage in my life again, maybe a Senior Mission which will bring it's own experiences.  I have decided to capture parts of everyday in ongoing letter kinda, and then mail them to you weekly.  I know that the mail is definitely snail mail and this might seem awkward but I don't have my Journal at hand when I hop on the PC and miss sometimes sending those small thoughts that were HUGE to me at the time, on to you in my haste and time on Pdays.  I know it might be a little difficult for you in the beginning but I know you well enough that I will have your blessings and you will only rejoice a the mailbox and then stuff them into your scriptures where a lot of your priceless possessions are buried!  Ok glad that went over well and your ok with it Mom thanks!  Tell everyone that is how I am going to roll here in Argentina from here on out and the address here is on the front right hand side of my blog under letter address and that letters take about 2 weeks to and from Argentina, they can also use!

How do I feel about the time that is drawing near and would I do it all over again?  Yes in a heartbeat!  I have found my own testimony and has grown immensely.  I know that Jesus lives and that Heavenly Father is always near if we just open our hearts in prayer to him. I know that he has a plan and that through life's experiences we draw closer to him and he is waiting for us to return to him and join family waiting for us! I know in the Temple you will find peace.

In many ways I have already begun to start missing my converts/families that have become such a huge part of my life!   I will miss the music in the streets by non professionals, the little children full of laughter and pranking, the food, yep I said food, a lot has changed there!  I will even somewhat miss the dirt roads I have walked many a mile accompanied by 1,000 of dogs and the loud trains but not necessarily some of the smells.  I cannot wait to return to Romina's temple marriage in August and to follow my special convert Elder Santiago as he begins his own journey on his Mission just three days after I depart.  He feels somewhat like a son to me or at least that is what I hope having a son feels like and I know that he will be a great Missionary!  

Well time is about up here Comp waiting on his turn so know that I love you all and while I will miss Argentina I do miss my family there as well and cannot wait to see you all can't even imagine what that will feel like!  Take care and know that a letter is in the mail and I WILL BE EXPECTING A REPLY! LOL  I love you all see you in 8 weeks!

Love You Mom and Dad and all !!!....and he was gone! 

SO with all that was said I will be posting Elder Draper's letters as they arrive and hope that each of you will take the opportunity to drop him a line as remember the time is near!

Elder Draper will arrive home March 1, 2014 4:06 pm SLC International and will speak in Sacrament on March 9th 11:00 am at the Mountain Ridge Chapel, 5475 W 10400 N, Highland Utah 84003.  Updates and reminders will be posted with each new letter posting on this blog.

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