Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello Everyone,
Well nothing really new to update this week.  We did have transfers this past Wednsday and as you can see I stayed here in Hurlingham with my Companion... Elder Escobar... the awkwardly awesome Chileano... haha he is really great just a tad bit awkward... ok who am I kidding super awkward but maybe  I am equally as awkward to him, could be a cultural thing we got going here but, I would not trade his Companionship for the world. so, for those of you reading take awkward in the sense of different style maybe, I don’t know, but we are working on his social skills =) another lovely trait that Elder Draper has worked on as well.

As transfers approached we were invited to attend the meeting which was just a gift from God, because I was super bummed that I might not able to send the MTC/District Hermanas off, as they just completed their Mission!!! Yes Leavitt, Cahoon, Fernley, and Andreason, they are all home now and if they are reading this... I love and miss ya’ll dearly! Don’t do anything I would do! ;) LOL
The transfer meeting was great, Hermana Cahoon sang and killed it obviously! Hermana Leavitt rocked out on the piano, so they went out with a bang.  I also got a little drum roll myself... get ready for this... I was made the new District Leader for my area here!!!! YAAAA!  I am super excited for this opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with to help out my fellow Missionaries and pondered the scripture D&C 9:14 when I returned to the apartment that eve! When the meeting ended I literally had to be pried from the building... cause I wanted to say goodbye to everyone leaving.  I had many lasting friendships leaving this time, especially the greatest Hermanas in this Mission, and with that I got my goodbye handshakes…and yes, I am waiting for my 6 month hugs! 

My little district is just so great! It includes the Hermanas in Hurlingham, Hermana Herrera and the new Hermana Reid (looks just like Adele), and in Loma Hermosa Elder Smith (probably one of the funniest people in the mission) and his Companion Elder Banegas. I am anxious to  begin working and supporting them over the next few weeks! =)
Well the weather this past week has been absolutely odd to say the least!  First off, it was soooo hot Monday and Tuesday then Wednesday through today it has been decently cold, windy and rainy... mehhhh perfect Missionary weather right? WRONG  HAHA
We had a long week, kind of difficult with the rain and what not but, we are hoping to have one more baptism to finish the month.  I have spoke of him previously, he is an elderly carpenter named Luciano and he has worked very hard to reach this time! Keeps you fingers crossed for him and prayers are a must!!
I have also heard there are no more visa problems so the visa waiters are just going to start pouring in, at least that is the word on the street as of this transfer, again fingers crossed and Grandmas prayers that one rolls my way, right?
Well, like I said nothing really to report on vestigators this week but I am sure the new calling will bring a whole new level of service and the gospel to my purpose here and I hope that I will glorify his name as I strive to fulfill all that is his will. Hopefully some adventure finds me this upcoming week! =)
Stay classy kids!
Love yall
Elder Wade Draper
LD Hurlingham B (HOLLER)







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