Monday, July 08, 2013

LET FREEDOM...PAINT...7/8/2013

Well Hey Family and Kids!

Hope everything is going well back home and I hope that everyone had an amazing 4th of July, filled with flags, noise, night works and good ol' American things!!!!!!! YAY America! They don´t really celebrate July 4th here so it was just another day here in the Mission for me.

I decided to celebrate. I would paint, since I just have had all this creativeness bottled up inside of me for awhile now, and with that I decided to go buy some paint and paint a picture for my 4th of July so here it is folks! I was inspired by the US flag and with that I titled it "Freedom to Create" ENJOY! LOL So there is a little creative side of Elder Draper!
Sorry I didn´t write last week, was not my best week, but I am back and better than ever! I had a wonderful week! This past week I really felt like a Missionary, working and serving the Lord, all I could ask for right! 

Well I really have to put all engines go these next few weeks because the Ward where I am is dying, literally like nobody comes to Church! We now have to work with the less actives, like a ton! I have really gotten close with a specific inactive family! It is a Grandma who lives with her children, 2 who are like in their 20's and then her Grandson who is 17.  They are just super awesome and they always invite us over to eat.  Last night we went over and ate this delicious like pizza meat thing called MATAMBRE and it was incredibly sooo verrry  goood! 

As I mentioned the Ward earlier unfortunately we don't have very many progressing investigators which is hard, so very hard... but we are working on finding more! We are working with a lady right now named Irma, who is a decently elderly woman with lots of health problems.  She lives in a little shack in a very tiny villa and is very humble.  She is progressing nicely though!  Irma came to Church yesterday and loved it as did we that she showed up! I am hoping and praying like crazy that she continues to progress!
This past week I really gained a huge testimony of the Scriptures! I was just on a scripture high this week, reading in the New Testament, Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants, and I have really just fallen in love with the scriptures. I know that they are like a huge guide for us, and whenever we need an answer to a question, prayer, and the scriptures will find our answers! =)
Looking forward to another awesome week here in Argentina! woot woo!
Hope everyone else has a great week as well!
Elder Wade Draper

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