Friday, June 28, 2013


ola familia y amigos,

Saturday I completed 16 months in the mish, and also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS!!!! YAYYYY MARRIAGE OF 22 YEARS!

SO I survived the transfer,  still here in Ciudadela YAAA! 

Lamentablemente dejó pozos Elder, pero lo puede ya hacer, isn´t demasiado lejos aunque! Estamos todavía en la misma zona gracias a Dios!
Unfortunately Elder Wells left, but what can ya do, he isn´t too  far though! We are still in the same zone thank goodness!

My new companion is Elder Ticino! He is from Uruguay and he is a pretty nice kid, I am so used to Argentine accents, that sometimes I don´t know what he is saying to me because he talks differently, so I guess I have to get used to that! 
This past week has been super tiring with all the changes and everything.  Our apartment is the biggest apartment in the Mission and the closest to the offices.  Whenever Elders need to come to Ramos they spend the night at our place!
And all the "New Missionaries" that came this last transfer, Elders'  stayed with us, then all the Elders leaving showed up as well! So it was just a tiring weekend of never ending cleaning and making sure everyone was happy! Also the fact that we didn´t have a key to the apartment, as the office needed to use our key, made it even more of  a challenge as we had to share a key between the 2 Companionships and it was just absolutely awful, no one ever meeting up at the same time as planned when we left.

One of my best friends in the Mission Elder Roque from Brazil, came and spent a couple of days with us! It was absolutely so much fun catching up and just hanging! We came up with nicknames for each other... he is "El Lobo" because he looks like a wolf, and I am "El Gato" "The Cat", like panther size cat, so that would make two beast in the Mission


But yaaa, nothing much in the work this week, still trying to help our investigators progress, we have one guy who is almost there, however I just decided yesterday, that he is not quite there yet, so we are working with him for the 6th of July! We are just going to continue in the work and  keep on fighting right, that's what we do carry on !
Well I hope everyone has an outstanding week stay cool here it is really heating up there! Lyndsey have fun on Youth Trek and take could care of your feet and they will be kind back!  Can't wait to hear all the details once your back!  Wyatt GOOD LUCK at eh Firecracker Tournament up in Park City hope it's a little cooler for those multiple games!
Well gotta run so stay classy kids, and yes same time next week! =).
Love Always Your Adorable, 
Elder Wade Draper


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