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Feliz 1 año aniversario 2/22/13 Elder Wade Draper 22/18/13

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Hello Family and Friends!
Let me start with aaaaahhh Mom, loved the video and your Valentine’sDay clip, your the best!

This past week was long and hot! We had transfers this past week, and yes I am still here in Virrey del Pino with Elder Bustamante 6 more weeks here woo! I have really grown to love this Ward and the members here!

We had a baptism this past Saturday, Karen got baptized,  The baptism was so wonderful but the  behind the scenes however was a disaster! The font still had water in it from a baptism the Ward had like a month ago!  It was really filthy and the drain was not working so we had to empty it by hand, that was just a treat!  Karen was just a little bit late for her baptism like 10 minutes, and the people that had arrived early were breathing down my neck about where she was, but all  went well when she arrived and ended well also.  It turned out very nicely! I must admitt the mission has really helped me with my patience!

This past week was also Valentines Day! Dia de San Valentine! I hope everyone had a wonderful day of love, because here it was super lame  although I received a Valentine from the Ward! Nobody really celebrated it as far as I could see, I mean the people were selling roses in the street but that is about it!



Our ward does a Family Home evening every Thursday night, and this past Thursday, I taught it! I taught about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how they both testify of Christ and how we could not have the Book of Mormon without the Bible! It was THE BOMB of a lesson and received well!

We had a super weird experience this week!  There is a woman who is a member of the Church who wanted to meet with us who is inactive so went to went to visit her.  As she began telling us some really weird things that were going on in her life, we decided to call Alina to go with us to the next appointment.. When I first saw this woman I felt something different about her; her eyes like stared through my soul, she went on to tell us some crazy things that had been happening to her and how her daughter who is also an inactive member is the cause of all of it! In the next appointment we talked about how the Gospel could help her and stuff but it didn´t really seem to sink through with her, so we ended up giving her a blessing of comfort.  When we gave her the blessing I felt something like dark, it was SUPER WEIRD and hard to describe just “DARK”. Later after the visit we were talking with Alina and she said she felt the same thing and that we should not visit her without a Member in the future but we have not heard from her since. But ya my first like really ‘WEIRED FEELING” experience in the mission though I have had weird or odd things happen this was different, gotta have one sometime right?

Well This Friday will be my year in the mission, how exciting is that!!!!! One year and I will be home partying with ya’ll I can only imagine what you got planned ma!  Good suggestion mom but unfortunately everything is closed around here for a Siesta so my Anniversary celebration Pday meal will most likely be something we could in our apartment. As for the Hump Day package, it will show up sooner or later Mom I know you probably tried really hard to get it here on time, the calendar and letters came last week so not sure why they beat the package, but don’t fret about it!!  Oh I also sent Wyatt a birthday card today tell him I love him and will send a special email to him next week! I also sent Riley one, will you pass it along to her?
I received a news article last week (shhh) telling me that there is a new line of Judges for American Idol, NICKI MARIAH, KEITH AND RANDY, I am dying, this easily has to be the best Season of American Idol! =) but no time to be thinking about that right now so until then American Idol 1 yr away (LOL)!!!
As usual times up and I hope ya´ll have an amazing week, love you much!!!! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the video it was so great to see and hear from you all, just an amazing video couldn’t have asked for more!!!

Elder Wade Draper

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