Monday, November 19, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Wow what a  past week, it has been GOOD!  We have been working really hard with our investigators who are getting baptized this Saturday! I am super excited for them! My little abuelita Faustina has progressed so well! She has never missed a teaching visit with us, has read everything we´ve left her with, and has come to Church every single Sunday since we´ve met her!  Our other investigator Jessica, has been progressing really well too! She has had some doubts and what not, but every time we resolve them with a prayer or a scripture and she ends up really emotional and just says “I know it’s all true”. She is really excited for her baptism and is so ready for a change in her life!  Little Mateo who is 9 years old, is just great!  It’s been a little difficult teaching him because he lives in a different city, but he comes to Church with his Uncle and Grandma, who are in our ward, and he had his interview yesterday for the baptism and he is so ready!  He kind of looks like a little Tim Burton character, haha but not like a scary one,  he has really big eyes for his very very thin body so I have to admitt I always think that when I see him, but he is just a stud of a kid and very excited to see us and he melts me to the core! 

The stake of Merlo last night did an activity for the youth who want to serve missions.  Elder Wilson, Elder Nilsen, Hermana Andreason, Hermana Waite, and I sang at it! It was a really cool activity that got the youth excited for missions!
It’s getting hotter here and it is only spring but I love the heat here! I am getting super a tan! I think the years of tanning has made my skin immune from burning because everyone else that I live with ends up with a sun burn at the end of the day, so thank you Beaches for your contribution to my Mission haha!  We have two fans and believe it or not I get cold at night so sleeping with the sheets you sent THANKS but I am sure it will HEAT up.  The bug bites are not as many now.  Oh and that pair of pants you sent fit perfect so that is the size I could use some more of when you have time, Thanks Mom! I sent some letters for you to deliver to a few folks if you would Mom it is cheaper to send it this way as each one individually is costly for me.  I haven’t gotten any Christmas packages yet but the Zone Leaders and maybe me, if I get transferred, will be going in to the office this week so I will look forward to seeing them.
How is the family and what are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Has Lyn's decided to do Cheer or go for the Volleyball Court next year?  Wyatt’s playing basketball, does he ever slow down? 
As for groceries Mom, I don’t buy a whole lot of them as we eat lunch at a members house and then if I have time in the evening I just east some noodles with oil and salt, that’s the secret to the my weight maintence, don’t get me wrong I would probably eat if there were something decent around or to buy!

Here are some  recent photos and as you can see not everyone here is our fan. Someone threw a beer can through our window, perhaps thats what they mean when they say "THIS BUDS FOR YOU" or maybe even someone thought we could use a “DRINK” HAHA. 
This is Romania’s daughter. I have spent many hours with her on my lap, reading a Book Of Moromon picture book to her.  She can be fiesty at times a match for Slade in the ring! HAHA


Here is  Elder Nilson and Elder Wilson, Wilson or "RED" being the Zone Leader who lives in our apartment, just a GREAT MISSIONARY, and the other guy, the middle one, well he’s the other MOST AWESOME AND GREAT MISSIONARY here living in our apartment! HAHA.  Mom, ya like the new suit it feels so good not to be holding on to my pants while trekking!
Well Transfers are this week and I am hoping that I stay because we are having 3 baptisms this Saturday, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!
I hope everyone has a good week ahead of them and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving... even though I dislike the food and what not! Also Happy Black Friday to all those shoppers,  Shop till ya drop kids!
By the way did you know. Lady GaGa was in Buenos Aires last Friday! We were in the same country for the first time in about 9 months HAHA!!! I wanted to just leave little Merlo for a night and be a little monster again just for one night (Just Kidding) I am proud to be a Missionary serving the gospel but ya got admit her rhythm rocks sometimes!
Well that wraps it up for the week here and as always gotta run Mom.  Love you so very much and miss you tons you’re the best.  Send my love to the rest of the family!
Love ya´ll!!!
Elder Draper


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