Monday, September 03, 2012


Hola, Hola Hola,
Greetings from Argentina! Yes I have finally made it to the land of my beloved Evita and I am so thankful to be here!

Well we barely made the plane to get to Buenos Aires! Our flight from Miami into Dallas was delayed several times because of Hurricane Issac and so we landed in Dallas at 7pm. Our plane to Buenos Aires was leaving at 7:10 so we looked at the board and it said still boarding the plane after it had been delayed 1 hr 15 mins waiting on us to arrive! We ran to the gate as fast as we could, just missing the hatch being closed, we got on the plane!

To my very much surprise, Hermana Cahoon and Leavitt were on board and started crying when they saw us, that meant my entire District while at the MTC was Argentina bound minus Sister Andreason, who went ahead of us in July, it was sooo good to see everyone and I too almost got.. well... moving on.

The ride there was tough, it was a full flight and I was like cramped like no other with nowhere to put these legs of mine. Movies were playing all around me, I must admit, I did watch a little of  Snow White and the Huntsman, not clue though what was being said, but the film looked pretty good! I mean really, that don’t offer blinders just headsets right!

We got to Buenos Aires and headed to the temple the same day! We got a special tour of the temple by the architect that redesigned it, it is so pretty inside! They basically re-did the whole thing! It was a long day as we did theintialsas well and then met up for dinner that night with the Latin Group, they split us into 2 groups as there are 22 of us and it was just easier to handle everything this way I am sure!

We went on a tour of Downtown Buenos Aires the next day, and I am kind of sad that it isn´t a part of our Mission. It’s like NYC and I love it! We get to go there when our Mission is over for like a tour etc., so much to see there it is truly beautiful that much I can tell from the short time we were there.

HOWEVER, yes I am now in Merlo! My area is called Altos de Merlo which translates into Merlo Heights... sounds fancy right? Nope it is actually pretty poor... I think Alabama was a palace compared to this place, we do have a nice pension (place where we live) though as the locals’ houses are so small and quaint the people here live in like cement boxes. No carpet etc. I don´t know how they do it! Oh wait.. I´ll be doing it the next 18 months haha!

I saw Elder Mitch Call at transfers! It was really exciting to see him!

My trainer or Papi, is Elder Delgado! He is from Tijuana Mexico! He speaks a little bit of English, so thank goodness for that! He is very patient with me which is good because I cannot speak the language at all. I do understand everything really well but I can´t speak; imagine that after no Spanish in Alabama!

The members are really nice here! They feed us allot... and I meant allot! They fill your plates with food, and I can´t like eat it all, so I am gonna have to adjust to that as I am not gonna gain that weight back, forget that! Haha

The mission is different.  I don´t know what to think of it yet.  I just need to get used to it because things were run differently in Alabama, I need to do as President Carter said, forget everything I knew in Alabama and learn here.. soo yaa. The mission is driven, it is great to have goals though. There are just so many adjustments I will be making, I am sure it will all come in due time.

Well not much else to update besides that I am alive, well for now, how long, I don´t know! Ha

The computers here are awful so hope you get this, it seems to be taking forever and you haven't responded, although I know you are there that’s the email I opened up to thanks! We are just gonna have to play everything by ear and will figure this out together!
Well I love ya´ll and I hope to hear from ya´ll soon! I hope everything is going well en El Estados Unido (United States) Cuidense!

Elder Draper
PS ( If your sending things you will want to address it to address below...pass along please mom) Dear Elder is still available for free and is delivered I hear, once a week about every 7 days, I also hear packages take at least 4 weeks (hint hint I am looking forward to my Birthday Oct 8th mom). Be sure to wrap in brown paper like the BAW blog says and seal with Christ Pics and mail as directed:See BAW Mission blog for complete details.
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias
Elder Wade Draper
Mision Argentina Buenos Aires Oeste
C.C. 92
1702 Ciudadela
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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