Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello Family and Friends,

Woops, hang on please, there's my Mission President, I need to respond back so set tight, I will send my long email in a second....

First: HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO THE BEST LITTLE SISTER IN THE WORLD!!  I LOVE YOU LYNDSEY!!! I sent you a Birthday card last week and I'm sending Mom's and Misty's tomorrow.

There is a present in your card Mom for you and Lyndsey and then one in Misty's card as well.  I had to send Lyndsey's late because the member who made them was not home last week when I went to get them.  I also wrote to you Gram's last week, so hopefully  you will all get her mail. 

The Zone Leaders only go into the office 3 times a month so one in those 3 times I get my letters etc. Put on the blog the mail here sucks and sometimes my outgoing letters are not getting to those back home. Please note on the blog no Fed Ex, UPS, etc. follow the directions for mail and packages if sending anything I will never ever get it if not! 

The weather here is getting lovely, not to hot not to cold, just the way I like it!  Here, when it is spring time the locals walk around the streets and hand out flowers and say Feliz Primavera which means Happy Spring.

So ya, I am settling in now and things are better but the ystill don't have much here in the stores to purchase, I barely can get groceries, for real, becuase they are limited and most products are fresh so they go pretty fast. Most of the time the locals shop early and are way ahead of our daily schedule.  However the members here are just soo nice though, they feed us a huge lunch like every day! The other day I had "Corazon de Pollo" rice with chicken hearts delish right!! HAHA

As for the laundry, ughh! It's not that I mind had washing it, I just feel dirty all the time, but it is what it is, I'm good. I can try to probably find some new clothes that fit Mom, but for now I am just cinching my belt super tight!

We can play approved music here, so I could use a power converter as I could not find the one you said you packed mom, I will check the suitcase again, you check my room ok, for now I borrow Elder Wilson's! We also have a DVD palyer that we can play CD's on so for Christmas there's an idea "Carols".  Oh, woops, I left the 2 memory cards you sent in my dresser draw in Alabama the morning we left. With the storm and all the last minute adjustments we woke up late as that was the time we were told too, it was pretty unorganized, but we made it right!  I can't send home the cards because they cut them out of the envelopes.  As for sendindg pictures over the internet they take forever toupload soI send only 2 eachweek as they eat my email time up.

This past week was kind of bitter sweet.  I had a great week, feeling really good and then unfotuntely we did not meet our key indicators.  I did get to takl to the Mission President about those, and he explained everything, it was a great chat.  He is a wonderful man, I like him alot!!! 

We found some wonderful families to teach this past week, but it turned out one of them was not so wonderful.  Our first lesson with that family went very well, or so we thought, until we returned for the next appointment and they just avoided us.  I am positive they were there, we both were.  I guess they do have thier own Agency though right? 

Well time for my funny story of the week:  The other day I met an intresting lady named "Angel".  She is an old investigator of Elder Wilson and Elder Young's. She stopped Elder Delgado in the street and asked when curch was.  As we were walking away I asked Elder Delgado who "she" was and he said "she" is a  used to be a "he".  I looked at him and said NO WAY, because he tends to say that about all ugly women (inside joke) and he said again "She" is a "He". The other Elder's confirmed it later and said one time when they were teaching "her" she showed them "her" dress and said, "me queda un sueño" which means "It fits like a dream".  I was dying the whole time they told me thier stories.  I go on divisions with Elder Young this week and he said we will be  visiting  "her" again at her request, "she" is a very nice person, just funny!
KK...I gotta go now!  I love you all so much and miss you even more! So until next week, bye!!

Elder Draper


Elder Draper & Elder Delgado (Companions) Merlo Argentina

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