Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Reminder Mom, email comes later here in Birmingham B so just remember that!  I really don't get a chance to write alot I just answer emails to you, the kids, Misty, Cabree and Brelynn occasionally when they email me.  I do have to write my Mission President every week so that takes time as well.

This morning we went to the zoo! How fun is that!? I took a boat load of pictures so I will send you those next week when I have my camera cord.  We thought it'd be fun to spend the day at the zoo and it was actually a ton of fun! 

My hair is actually kind of blonde now!!! The sun has turned it blonde, crazy right??? I'll send you some pictures of that too next week, and yes I am planning on cutting my hair  today or next Monday.

I guess you didn't know that Elder Beck is a visa waiter for Brazil and he speaks Portugese and honestly it is like the ugliest language I have ever heard. Elder Tolman and I call it Porttugly which we think is way funny and Elder Beck gets a charge out of it as well. Ha Ha too funny!  My other roomates are just awesome and we will be celebrating Elder Tolman's 1 year anniversary next week.  

The new ward is really cool. A young couple just moved in from Provo and they are a pretty cool pair! We had dinner last night and the night before at Members houses it was great, burgers and corn, grilled obviously and much appreciated!

I did find out from Elder Pili a few days ago that 2 of the people that I found in Bessemer have Baptisim dates which is soo exciting! Wish I could be there to partake but all is well.

I have met some pretty neat potential investigators this week and have return appointments with all of them. There are 2 that I really have allot of hope for! Hopefully I get a baptisim in before I go to Argentina!

I am sure it is going to be a shock when I get to Argentina!  I am still speaking no Spanish and , I have to work my bum off during language study, studying!  I am sure it is going to be a little rough when I first get there, guess I learn fast.

That is exciting about Nauvoo that will be allot of fun for the family, hope Grams enjoys it as we did the first time!

Its crazy Kenn gets married in like a week!!!! You will have to forward me her announcement fer sure!!!

I can't think too much more that is all I can really think of.  I have just been riding my bike everywhere.  I did get my driving card this past week and drove for the first time in 4 months, it was the BESTEST!!!! 

I have not weighed myself in awhile because we don't have a scale but I am pretty sure I am still losing weight! But not a big deal mom a good thing.

I miss you all and love ya!  Have a good week!


Elder Draper

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